Режиссеры Malay Ghosh

Сценаристы Malay Ghosh

Продюсеры Moulik Entertainment


Продолжительность 00:14:59

Страна Индия


It is only when a man, with the sole intention of bringing joy and happiness to his family and loved ones, and retain his self esteem, overlooks his self interest and silently swallows the poison of life, that he transcends from being a mere human to that of a divine personage. Manab, who is under treatment and awaiting fatherhood shortly, learns that the baby growing in his wife, Neera’s womb belongs to his brother. Despite his irritation on wife’s behaviour, he keeps this secret under wrap, with a self consolation that the baby bears lineal blood though not born of his own, which would otherwise not have been possible. In an unguarded moment, Manab pours out the contentions of his agitated mind to a local shopkeeper. Notwithstanding the fact that he is physically incapable of being a biological father, he is aware that there are other modern techniques of enjoying paternity. Therefore he finds his wife’s abrupt action unacceptable. He holds himself equally responsible for the lack of emotional bond he shares with his wife. But here too, Manab selects someone to whom he confides his indictments, is dumb and deaf. Gulping the venom of resentment he prepares himself to welcome his lineal descendant.