Режиссёры Nuno Barreto

Сценаристы Nuno Barreto

Продюсеры Filmes Sem Futuro


Продолжительность 00:04:00

Страна Ангола


SYNOPSIS:On an empty road, on the way to school, a girl rides alone with a mask on her face. On this road, children's voices are heard. Interspersed with laughter and screams echo of other voices, on the radio, on television. They announce the State of Emergency in Angola and the number of people killed and infected by the Coronavirus in the world. And in that same world of masks, there is an urgent word: “WHY”. Whether it's a question, whether it's a statement, we don't know.No one will come up with an answer.But the voices continue to echo. They accompany the places, the voids, the silences that do not remain silent.Whether at school, on swings, or in the place where ghosts now live. For those places of absence, where fear roars, where affections are crimes, the real emergency is in the eyes that the masks do not hide.Filmed in the middle of a State of Emergency, using only a smartphone, but hand in hand with the dream and reality, “WHY” does not seek to provide answers. Only the commitment to resistance cinema, courage against fear. To feel again that we are not alone. That we are with others.