Until Endgame - Black Mirror style Short Film

Режиссёры Arabella Sharkey

Сценаристы Arabella Sharkey

Продюсеры Arabella Sharkey

Жанр Sci-Fi, Black Mirror, Narrative short film

Продолжительность 00:05:00

Страна Гонконг


Until Endgame a Short Film that follows the style of Black Mirror, showing the unintended consequences of technology. This film was created and produced by Arabella Sharkey a 15-year-old, for her school's MYP personal project product. She hopes you enjoy this film as much as she had enjoyed making it.This Black Mirror style film is part of the Offical Selection (2019 and counting) for Festivals in New York (Cayness) and UK (Pinewood Studio).______________________________Written / Directed / Music Composed / Shot & Edited by Arabella Sharkey