Stalin's dark past

Режиссёры Jalaladdin Gasimov

Сценаристы Jalaladdin Gasimov

Продюсеры Jalaladdin Gasimov


Продолжительность 00:07:47

Страна Азербайджан


“Stalin's dark past” documentary is shot based on real stories from archives. Bolsheviks of Stalin were gathering money from banks in Tbilisi, Baku, Baku’s oil millionaires each month, and the Nobel brothers were one of those millionaires. Stalin was captured by Tsardom guardians 7 times, he managed to run out of jail in Siberia. In some archives, I found out that he cooperated with a Tsar guardian. History knows Stalin as a ruthless ruler, an enemy of capitalism, reason for the death of thousands of people. Stalin’s mother wanted to see him as a religious figure. But destiny made him not a religious figure, the biggest dictator of a huge imperial country.