The San Lorenzo brutes

Режиссёры Alessandro Scarpinato

Сценаристы Alessandro Scarpinato

Продюсеры Benedetto Scarpinato

Жанр thriller, noir, comedi drama

Продолжительность 00:19:58

Страна Италия


Three men of the mafia have placed some high explosive (TNT) on the road where a judge is expected to pass by, in order to kill him. The threes are hiding on the top of a hill, waiting for the tip-off of a sentinel, but nothing seems to happen. During the endless waiting they are caught up by the wilderness of the place, and namely by the mistery floating around prehistoric caves in the heart of Sicily. The combination of events and coincidences turns everything in a struggle for survival. The feeling of seclusion and paranoia and the unexpected visit of an ancestral female figure slowly and increasingly worm their minds and hearts, taking over them. They will soon find themselves fighting against their own rage, their regrets, and the nature of human evil.