Режиссёры Haidar El Saffar

Сценаристы Haidar El Saffar

Продюсеры Haidar El Saffar


Продолжительность 00:04:12

Страна Ливан


Quarantivox, is a short experimental film where more than 27 artists from 15 cities of the world contributed with 5-10 sec videos to experiment sounds of Quarantine. Since many of us are staying at home teleworking or practically doing nothing but wait, I decided to keep the connection and share a story with fellow artists and creators from different world cities. Maybe COVID 19 has concealed benefits and that is: to bring us closer, to share moments, to care about our brothers, sisters as well as Mother Earth and to LISTEN to numerous hidden sounds that our ears missed in the life we led as busy consumer species. The Word Quarantivox is a word made for this experimental video that defines the sound of the lockdown. Quarantivox is a raw sound and image experiment among many other lockdown productions of what we’re expressing now to confront a ruthless smart virus.