Marina di SantoSpirito_Tribute

Режиссёры Elisabetta Sbriglione

Сценаристы Elisabetta Sbriglione

Продюсеры Indipendent film

Жанр Experimental, Documentary, Short film

Продолжительность 00:04:43

Страна Италия


With these images, the director decides to use the communicative technique of the short movie to tell a product and show it as unique and far from common.It is the moment before the advent of the clientele: a moment that almost timelessly recounts the preparations for the dinner: a special refreshment for the customers who will occupy the seats and for now patiently empty.With their appearance and disappearance at regular intervals, the characters show us this expectation in a border area between dream and reality, giving us the opportunity to witness another dimension to be explored, namely, what happens in the kitchen, far from the eyes of those who are used to imagining a complete restaurant amidst the cheerful and excited buzz of patrons.Finally to sanction the dream picture is the provocative image of a cook over the top, with rings and bracelets that clink in the kitchen and which lacks the classic and reassuring chef's hat: all above the common rules.