What A Man Feels

Режиссеры Urh Pirc

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Продюсеры Urh Pirc


Продолжительность 00:10:00

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Mateja, a first-year student of social work studies, lives together with her mother in the countryside. Her mother and father got divorced when she was just a little girl and that is also the last time she saw her father. Mateja is a hard-working and diligent girl that has to deal with her hard college studies and at the same time does most of the housework by herself. Family comes always first to her. In her free time she works at a bar that provides her with an extra income that she uses to help her mother to pay the bills. Her mother is forced to stay at home because her contract of employment expired and theonly thing left to her was €1.000 compensation. She is not looking for a new job because of her health condition.Mateja does not have any moral or financial support for her studies from her mother.After her grandmother got transferred to a retirement home, her mother offers Mateja to start working at a local company. When she gets a chance to get the job, she accepts it with an aching heart. She feels that she has to take the opportunity and drops out of college.