Creative Labyrinth

Режиссёры Luiz WIll Gama

Сценаристы Luiz Will Gama

Продюсеры Lilia Portilho , Luiz Will Gama

Жанр Sci-fi, Fiction

Продолжительность 00:12:10

Страна Бразилия


A Plastic Artist is stuck in a constant process of endless creation. The past and the present are shuffled, leaving in doubt what the real moment is. This process presents itself as a labyrinth for the artist, at every moment he has the sensation of having already lived that moment. To help in concept and aesthetics every movie was capturing in VHS. The search for the "perfect work" causes him to develop a process of mental disturbance.The film discusses the complexity of the artistic creation process and how this process undergoes influence from the external environment to the artist.