My name is Petya

Режиссёры Daria Binevskaya

Сценаристы Daria Binevskaya

Продюсеры Daria Binevskaya

Жанр limited opportunities, children, drama, down syndrome, short, student, female, family, love, happy end, human rights, mental

Продолжительность 00:15:00

Страна Россия


Announcement for publicationsDeep winter night mother with two small children get to the isolated box of infectious diseases hospital where the heroine is waited by a strange meeting which will change her life forever.SynopsisAt night, the heroine with her daughters fall into an isolated box infectious hospital. In the next room, behind the glass walls lives a little boy with Down-syndrome. At night he draws on the window of his room. By chance, mom gets acquainted with the hero, and together they create his most beautiful night "picture" on the glass. But early in the morning the boy disappears.IL FILM "Mi chiamo Petya" HA SOTTOTITOLI IN ITALIANOPELÍCULA "Mi nombre es Petia" TIENE SUBTÍTULOS en ESPAÑOL