TABEEB - The Physician

Режиссёры Tanmay Nag

Сценаристы Dr. Sumita Chatterjee

Продюсеры Tanmay Nag


Продолжительность 00:28:45

Страна Индия


TABEEB -The PhysicianEk Sach – Ek SochBased on a true storySynopsisWritten By: Dr. Sumita Chatterjee & Tanmay NagA doctor took an illegal risk to save a girl child from certain death as he knew there is no other way to save her in the year 1994. Now that girl is a lady and working in a government hospital as a medical technologist. She got help to save her fiancé by the same doctor in the year 2007. But in todays socio-political scenario, is a doctor ready to take any big risk? The answer is ‘No’ because the relationship between doctor and patient deteriorated drastically and doctors today are bound around with lots of rules and regulations. Still being human, most of the doctors can’t make them stop from taking risks to save a life as that is the only thing from which they get a heavenly feeling. The same incident is expressed through this film in a docu-drma format and evolves a truth at last that the doctors still deserves respect. If we hurt or humiliate doctors by the provocation of somebody who’s intention is to take other benefit from the incident that will definitely be a cause of ethical deterioration which will lead to social damage.Dr. S. K. Maity, the man in this story was referred for Padmashree award for his excellence of humanity towards treating patients by former president of India Shri Panab Kumar Mukherjee. As per him, being doctor is not a profession but a religion and he would never betray his religion.