Режиссёры Ashraf Shishir

Сценаристы Ashraf Shishir

Продюсеры Ashraf Shishir


Продолжительность 00:15:00

Страна Бангладеш


RAFIQ is a professional killer who stays on an isolated island. One day he receives a call after a missed call. He comes to the town to meet his Godfather JAMSHED who threatens him for not receiving his call . Jamshed asks him to write a name to be killed immediately on his notebook. Rafiq reminds him that he always maintains the FIRST IN FIRST OUT (FIFO) rules for killing. So he kills Jamshed and then meets KASHEM who orders to kill him. Rafiq kills this guy too as Jamshed gives the order before dying. Next morning, Rafiq faces another professional killer like him who maintains the same rules.