Even After April 'I Love You Edina'

Режиссёры Tuğba Topaloğlu

Сценаристы Tuğba Topaloğlu

Продюсеры Tuğba Topaloğlu

Жанр human rights, social issues, independent

Продолжительность 00:18:31

Страна Босния и Герцеговина


A documentary centered on optimism and forgiver attitude of Bosnians who were exposed to the tragedy of the Bosnian War in the recent past. The city has war reminders like Markale bazaar or some ruined buildings which become almost invisible in everyday life. The preserved joy of people is a protester respond to all reminders which stand in the city.Makbula is a Bosnian woman who serves customers who interact with each other although they all have different beliefs in a lot of ways. The harmony between Makbula and her customers represents the protester psychology of Bosnians who object to holding a grudge and engaging in demagoguery to overcome the bad times.The people who had trouble during the period of Tito, the people who were in battle during the siege, the young people who supports Tito, the artists of the city, tourists and the natives become more visible by the contrast of each other. The characters produce the way to forgive and love after the tragedy of the war.