Beware the Inside

Режиссеры Miguel Partidário

Сценаристы Miguel Partidário

Продюсеры Miguel Partidário

Жанр Horror, Thriller, Drama

Продолжительность 00:05:55

Страна Португалия


A Young Man is haunted by three mysterious people. The rest of the narrative is up to you to create and understand.Beware the Inside is an audiovisual horror experiment directed by Miguel Partidário and Starred by Rafael Santos; Cláudia Nadine; Eva Fisahn and Mateus Partidário.Inspired by 1986's gothic character Patrícia (played by Eva Fisahn) and the own Panorâmico de Monsanto, where it's filmed, Beware the Inside combines several influences allied to a dynamic directing, allowing it to be an unconventional horror film. Panorâmico de Monsanto is an abandoned building in the centre of Monsanto, Lisbon with and astonishing architecture and landscape view. There's a strange feeling surrounding it which the short tries to capture.