PUPPETEER (dir. Moser-Kindler)

Режиссёры Franz Günter Moser-Kindler

Сценаристы Thomas Philipp, Martin Duskanich, Franz Günter Moser-Kindler

Продюсеры Franz Günter Moser-Kindler


Продолжительность 00:09:32

Страна Австрия


Earning your money as a street artist is a hard choice as you are at the mercy of random people every day. The Puppeteer has enough to make a living but is not entirely satisfied with the clown puppet that he uses in his regular show. Therefore he gives in to temptation and steals a beautiful doll from the Salzburg Puppet Theatre, not knowing that this specific puppet is cursed and seeking to free herself from the strings she got attached. Can he see the trap coming or will he step right into it?