THE WIND PHONE (dir. K. Gerweck)

Режиссёры Kristen Gerweck

Сценаристы Kristen Gerweck

Продюсеры Linda C. Riedmann


Продолжительность 00:15:52

Страна Соединенные Штаты


Inspired by true events, THE WIND PHONE intimately follows the emotional journeys of seven strangers. Each is drawn to the same remote and eerie phone booth on a Japanese cliffside, although their conversations couldn’t seem more different. Whereas one caller seeks forgiveness for a fatal transgression and another grapples with a twisted betrayal, others’ motivations are not clear at first. It is not until one of the callers extends a consoling hand to another, that we begin to understand that they are all connected by one harrowing reality.