No Bad Endings

Режиссёры Ziv Hermelin-Shadar

Сценаристы Sigal Zechori, Ziv Hermelin-Shadar

Продюсеры Illy Levi

Жанр Comedy, Old Age, Drama, Jewish Humor

Продолжительность 00:12:53

Страна Израиль


Moments before the traditional Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony, the members of Kibbutz Seridim realize that the last sane Holocaust survivor on the kibbutz has no intention to come and share her personal story. A 70 years long streak is at stake! In order to save the day, and the ceremony, a young kibbutz member and the survivor's granddaughter head to the library, in which the survivor is entrenching herself. They are determined to change her mind, but very quickly – they discover that between the library shelves lie stories they have never heard before.