Short Cuts from a Town

Режиссёры Thomas Perathoner

Сценаристы Thomas Perathoner

Продюсеры 44 Production, Giafatto Entertainment, Lynn Inglese, Philipp Moravetz


Продолжительность 00:15:00

Страна Италия


An indebted, overworked agent harassed by a constable and robbed by a petty thief, all observed by a self-serving neo-fascist.A group of homeless and migrants, hopeless under the bridge, surround the corpse of a disabled child … while over the bridge a handsome, wealthy couple struggle with their inner emptiness.Three bankers handle the fallout of huge losses by engaging a mythical consultant with the goal of appearing like knights in shining armor.Two single parents, focused on their careers, place their kids in a fence enclosure, where they find a ball and fight over it.A lonely, retired man eyes up his tiny pension, after 37 years of work performs his ritual to make others feel like he does.