I'm Sorry

Режиссёры Gabriel Galand

Сценаристы Aaron Gomez

Продюсеры Aaron Gomez, Gabriel Galand, Celia Villanueva, Adrian Valmonte, Fernando Flores Artiga

Жанр Horror, Found-Footage

Продолжительность 00:04:00

Страна Канада


A guild-ridden mother makes a grisly confession following the unexpected return of her missing son.I’m sorry deals with one basic premise; you can’t escape from the sins of the past. No matter how far you think you have run, or how good you think you have hide, they will always find you. In the film, Denise, a mother in the very merge of madness, makes a final confession in front of a camera. She is going to kill her son and then herself. What follows is a deep view into the mind of a paranoid woman, trying to make sense of the disappearance of her son. But when the police miraculously finds the boy and brings him home, Denise is certain that whatever they brought back to her, is not her son.