Продолжительность 00:26:49

Страна Армения


The story is about a 70 year old Lavrient grandfather, who lives in one of the villages of Armenia, who is trying to do everything to save the family from destruction. He has one son whose wife is immoral. Because of the immorality of the woman the tree children Mariam, David and Vachagan have psychological severe stresses. The big boy Vachagan seeing the daily endless quarrels in the family, hearing the bad expressions by his friends about his mother, he leaves the family and lives with his aunt. Grandfather takes the other boy David with him. And the little girl Mary remains with her mother, but no one care about her. In their family is an endless ’’drought’’. Grandfather Lavrient is struggling for the fragmented family to gather and become a full family. He has one dream to help each one to achieve their goals and then die.