Kourtney of Parkdale

Режиссёры Razvan Anton, Jamieson Child

Сценаристы Razvan Anton, Jamieson Child, Andrew Child

Продюсеры Razvan Anton

Жанр Surrealist

Продолжительность 00:20:44

Страна Канада


~ A day in the kooky life of a street hustler from Toronto as she struggles to find herself amid colorful neighborhood characters.~Kourtney of Parkdale is a day in the life of a street hustler from Toronto as she goes about her daily struggles.A character like no other whose life is ripped apart between addiction and relationships, Kourtney starts her day with a failed hustle then a visit to her her friend Brookyln as they grind together at their favorite corner .Her Pimp ,Shorty ,a sleazeball who dresses everyday after a different color shows up to get payed and tries to hurt Kourtney but she is saved by Brooklyn who convinces Shorty to leave her alone not before Shorty takes her phone promising to give it back only after she pays him.Desperate and alone Kourtney tries another hustle only to meet the most depraved couple known to man, Pumpkin and Honeybunny who take her to their to their apartment where she barely escapes alive but after stealing some money from their apartment she heads directly to Shorty's lair to pay him back the money and recover her phone.Driven by her addiction ,she smokes more drugs and she has an encounter of God and UFOS and cannot tell if it is real or the drugs have started to take effect.Kourtney stabs Shorty who bleeds to death while she takes her phone back. She checks her voicemail and listens to a message from her son, Simon whose Birthday is revealed that Kourtney just missed.