Режиссёры Satish Shukla

Сценаристы Satish Shukla

Продюсеры Neeraj tyagi

Жанр Thriller, Drama

Продолжительность 00:08:01

Страна Индия


Afraid of being rejected or deserted inside their hearts and spirits, Rapists are nothing but little men who need to feel powerful…With rape incidents fast becoming everyday news, we often tend to look beyond the headlines and that is where the problem - How We Think. While we teach our women to be more careful and ask them not to go out alone at night or avoid strangers in dark alleyways, we for a change, don’t teach our Men NOT TO RAPE. For a change, we need to change this thought. As every shame rises from within, it’s natural that every shame should be stopped from within. So PAUSE before you think of committing this ghastly act of rape. Think of the final verdict - The Final Justice and STOP this SHAME right in your minds.Forwarding a message stark and clear that no law can change the Human but unto us to change our thought process, “Just Think: The Final Justice” delivers a hard hitting message: A real man chooses to honor, love and respect women. BE THE REAL MAN..!!