Режиссеры Anastasia Chagochkina

Сценаристы Anastasia Chagochkina

Продюсеры Anastasia Chagochkina

Жанр Drama

Продолжительность 00:17:31

Страна Россия


Galina Romanovna Zaslavskaya demanding artistic Director. Former Ballerina, is preparing a group of girls-girls to the concert. But, on the eve of the reporting concert receives news that the leadership removes her from office due to advanced years. In its place put the young take, a protege of the chief. The heroine reports, but the love of ballet and obsession with the upcoming concert, forcing her to secretly monitor the process of preparation. In one of these visits, the Heroine becomes a witness, accidentally overheard conversation pupils, after which, finds the strength to prove first of all to herself that she is a man of profession. Later time the indigenous Heroine, accepts circumstances and decides, that in any as a and in any age, she will serve ballet and theatre.