Режиссёры Juan Diego Rodríguez Martin

Сценаристы Juan Diego Rodríguez Martin

Продюсеры Laura Alejandra Carranza

Жанр Sci-fi, Documentary, Dark, Suspense

Продолжительность 00:04:03

Страна Колумбия


Why portray as we do NOT see? Where do we actually see it from? where we are? We always see the outside from inside. As children we are used to seeing the world through re-frames, always depending on the perspective of third parties (windows, gaps) limiting our vision and our contact with the world. These re frames, in the end, become the only bridges between freedom and our confinement. "As long as there were windows, the weakest of humans would have their share of freedom." 8000 photos were enough to portray a fragment of all the time that, before our eyes, it evaporates.