Where I Belong

Режиссёры Miguel Munhá

Сценаристы Miguel Munhá

Продюсеры Miguel Munhá, Ana Sofia Nunes, Patrícia Soares


Продолжительность 00:19:52

Страна Португалия


This is a story inspired in true events. Two brothers who have always lived in an island in the south of Portugal fight for different dreams. One of them, a fisherman, wants to live and die in his home village; the other, inspired by TV and films wants to leave to the city and become an actor.“Where I belong” is intended to be an homage to the Formosa ria, in the Algarve, and to the whole culture of that peculiar region. Two brothers (Marinho, the eldest, and Janeca, the younger of the two) fight for different dreams. These two distinct perspectives will soon interfere in their relationship with each other. Torn between his brother and the island, Marinho feels he must protect his family and tradition. Janeca feels he must choose between his family or his future happiness. “Where I belong” is a story about family relations, tradition, the Algarve islands and also an attempt at understanding a specific place’s soul - in this case, Ilha da Culatra (the brothers’ home).