Режиссёры Yeaeun Jang




Продолжительность 00:04:00

Страна Корея, Республика


Eternity: Things happening repeatedly in life1) Birth-A beginning of everything2) Development-As roots grow, and humans grow from the mother nature.3) Violence- Domestic and worldwide. Brutality is repeatedly going in a human eternity.4) Power of Pyramid- Caste and Slavery in the past but it is somehow still left in life5) Lightness and Heaviness- Yin and Yang, and Plus and Minus6) Imagination- Experience, knowledge, consciousness and unconsciousness, dreams.. 7) Emotions- Happiness, anger, sadness, and depressionThe story follows a point of view of the God or inanimate beings, and by that it shows a human life with a third party perspective. Life has a limitation that nothing exists forever, but we, human, live as if we live forever. Perhaps it is because we never know when is the ending scene of our lives. As being afraid of that fact personally, I wanted to illustrate about that we all, human beings, experience very similar things repeatedly in life.