Режиссёры Kerem Dere

Сценаристы Kerem Dere

Продюсеры Kerem Dere


Продолжительность 00:14:31

Страна Турция


Tevfik is a womanizer man who lives in the slum with his wife. Tevfik cheats on with his wife with Hülya. Hülya is wife's sister. Tevfik and Hulya fall out with in hotel room. Hülya gets Tevfik house in no time flat. Serap is Tevfik's wife and Hulya's older sister. Tevfik, Hülya and Serap sit in the living room. Hülya tells of events as if she had lived with his own husband. Hülya is pregnant with Tevfik's baby. Hülya starts to stay in her sister's house that night.