Free Lula Operation

Режиссёры Alexandre Lydia

Сценаристы Alexandre Lydia

Продюсеры Alexandre Lydia

Жанр Drama, Comedy

Продолжительность 00:15:22

Страна Бразилия


Sold out all the appeals to free the ex president put in jail unfairly victim of lawfare, a group of intimorates decides to kidnapp The Minister of Injustice´s daughter precisely the authorof the no proofs conviction of Lula, which main goal was to hinder Lula from winning the presidential elections in 2018 with a wide margin, in the first shift. In front of the government refusal to make an exchange of the hostages proposed by the kidnappers, a young girl runs the risk of being mutilated gradually online at internet. The only demand f the neo guerilla anonynimous men to free her is that the President is in exile safely so he won´t die in jail, not only for his age but moreover for the eventuality of being murdered in prison.