So Kou - The Horse's Tail and his Master Player Zoumana Téréta

Режиссёры Marco Romano

Сценаристы Marco Romano

Продюсеры Marco Romano


Продолжительность 00:16:33

Страна Мали


This short film tries to give a brief insight about Zou's tradional- Instrument "Sokou" and his Music, Life and Family. Including a original unreleased Track "Ma Bien Aimée - My Beloved One" by Sokou Master Player Zoumana Tereta, featuring MC Spacewalk on Slide- Guitar.Zoumana Tereta, also called Zou recorded albums toured the world with all Stars of the Malian Music scene; Saly Sidibé, Ténin Djini Damba, Hawa Koni, Mahawa Doumbia, Miss Maawa, Kagbe Sidibe, Maï Koné, Samba Touré, Oumou Sangaré, Bassekou Kouyate. He also collaborated with Badema National and the Instrumental Ensemble of Mali and will adapt "So Kou" to the rap with Zion B and Reggea with Tikken Jah Fakoli. His voice, between tenor and medium, makes cry those who listen to him. So-Kou ( monotonous violin) lost his virtuoso on May 15th, 2017.