The East Gate

Режиссёры Carlo Lin

Сценаристы Carlo Lin

Продюсеры Carlo Lin

Жанр Realism, New wave

Продолжительность 00:14:59

Страна Китай


Yu Tian is a senior student of a university. He has not returned home for a few years. The gap between him and his mother is somehow getting bigger and bigger. He is immersed in his artistic dreams, not practical, but the old-fashioned mother does not understand. His friends are still the same, still the same town youth, friends, he will be the most mixed between them, but he is also convinced. He told his sister that he would go to the big city to find some world. Regarding the future, what is “abandoning” and “chasing dreams”, everyone may have their own understanding, but the family is ultimately the home of the wanderer.