Режиссёры Florian Stark

Сценаристы Florian Stark, Alex Koppel

Продюсеры Jungtrieb


Продолжительность 00:05:19

Страна Германия


Noah is a boy who loves nothing more than rhythmic gymnastics with a band.There is a point in life where you have to prevail and defy all doubters and obstacles.Noah tries hard to get into the sports gym school team. But not only that he is the only boy, but even his appearance does not succeed. When he lands his nose on the gymnastics floor, he reaps spot and laughter.Fearing that his son would be even more ridiculous, his father Noah forbids to continue this sport. But the little boy cannot be stopped.So the coach takes care of him and trains Noah with slightly fancy training methods for the upcoming talent competition of the school.