Режиссёры Paulo Emilio Madruga Schulze, Bruno Augusto Volinsky Galego

Сценаристы Camilla Zahn, Lara Della Corte, Paulo Emilio Madruga Schulze

Продюсеры Camilla Zahn, Paulo Emilio Madruga Schulze

Жанр Sci-FI, experimental

Продолжительность 00:07:54

Страна Бразилия


A woman is inside a spaceship drifting into space after the space station where she lived exploded. Time is relative, it is not known exactly how long passed, it is only known that it she has reached her limit. Faced with death, the delusions and memories of the other occupants of the ship become present, and it is almost impossible to stay sane.