Режиссёры Jamshid Narzikhulov

Сценаристы Bobur Sher O'g'li and Jamshid Narzikhulov

Продюсеры Jamshid Narzikhulov

Жанр Drama

Продолжительность 00:22:12

Страна Узбекистан


Maqsud is a young man, who was brought up in uzbek and azerbayjan families. Masqsud`s mother died when he was born, and he has memory about his mother only by family photos. Nowadays he is studying to be an actor and one day he met Sevinch, who was like his mother. Since that moment, there was only one question in Maqsud`s mind: "Is he uzbek or azerbayjan". He also portraits Otabek and Arshin heroes on the stage in the institute. Before going to the stage he had an odd dream about his origin. He went to the stage under the deep spiritual depress. It is clearly seen in the movie how this student trying to solve his three problems in his life.