Режиссеры Abhijit Sinha


Продюсеры Euphoria Films


Продолжительность 00:19:00

Страна Индия


The protagonist Sudipto keeps meeting Mira at the main road when the city is preparing for Durga Puja. He falls in love with her at very first sight. The girl also smiles back, but then a black car comes and she goes off. This keeps repeating for a week. Bunny is a family friend of Mira who too has a crush on her but when he comes to know about his best friend Sudipto’s love interest on Mira, Bunny sacrifices his feelings. Meantime the trio meets at a festive gathering where Sudipto gets introduced to Mira. On the day of Dussera, Sudipto finally decides to propose her but when the same black car picks her up again, he desperately chases the car and finally discovers something…that crashes him down in despair.