Our river of seas

Режиссёры Arjun Samanta ray

Сценаристы Arjun samanta ray

Продюсеры Arjun samanta ray


Продолжительность 00:14:41

Страна Индия


Our River of Seas | A Film by Arjun Samanta Ray LoglineA young wife in countryside Odisha is relentlessly pursued by her erring partner to bring her back home. Will she yield to him this time around?SynopsisOur River of Seas (Aama Nadira Samudra)A desolate lady with a ramshackle bag scurries down a deserted rural road of Odisha. A young man is seen chasing her on a bicycle which he abandons midway and rushes forth to stop her on her path. Anguishsed, hurt and tired of giving him chances to better things, she has finally reached a point where she cannot take it anymore. He on his part is remorseful of what has transpired between them. No matter what be the cause of turmoil, her going away is unreasonable to him. Desperate and unwilling to let her go, he will do everything he possibly can to make her change her mind. Are the roots of their love sturdy enough to overcome the turbulent storms striking their world? Will she be unrelenting in her decision or reconcile with him? Set amidst the visual imagery and rustic sounds of countryside Odisha, the film captures the nuances of a relationship on the verge of breakdown.