My Holiday Home (roughcut)

Режиссеры Kineret Hay-Gillor

Сценаристы Kineret Hay-Gillor

Продюсеры Kineret Hay-Gillor


Продолжительность 00:07:02

Страна Австралия


While the kids in my class went to the localcountry club, I went to swim with the amputees.My “vacation resort” was full of handicappedpeople in wheelchairs and it didn’t bother me atall. On the contrary, I was fascinated by them.How they struggle to live every day life whilecarrying in their bodies and souls the burden ofwar and terror attacks. What's happening totheir families, whose worlds were suddenlyturned upside down and since then they areforced to deal with a new and complex life theydidn't choose. This child grew up to be the film's director, adaughter of an I.D.F injured veteran.