why Not self-HEE

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Why we are not pu tting end to this? Are we going to take actual initiatives or just keep on pretending..?”WHY we are ignorant, flagrantly ignorant, and it is the time when the dungeon we choose to keep ourselves in, will no longer protects us from the deeds we are doing. The dreams will be devoid of the all so beautiful world if we don’t even wake up now and start unscrambling the puzzle of dilapidation around each one of us. Environmental degradation is a serious menace to our existence. There are various ways in which our environment is getting polluted such as Industrial pollution, deforestation, urbanization, domestic wastes, sewage, plastics etc.Through this initiative we want to put across a Y that lives with each one of us. WHY environmental roots are getting weaker? Degradation of earth’s surface and soil, directly or indirectly is a result of inhuman activities like citing development, decreasing Forest cover which leads to: Forest Disappearing, Commercial Space Appearing, Big Environmental Disaster which led to NO HOME NO HOPE for living beings.WHY are we pretending or working on public image? As in the media circus new show is on air “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan” which is getting high TRP’’s because of mute watchers sitting at homes. Why public figures cleaning roads and places that are almost clean? Why people still pollute land & Air knowing issues related to global warming? Why no one is taking a real initiative…YYY? Let’s talk about real initiative: Do we even know the name of Asia cleanest village? Ironically, it lies in the north-eastern part of India, Mawlynnong Village, Meghalaya.WHY there is only one forest man in India and do you even know who he is? At the age of 15 a tribal boy watched the phenomenon when water receded, the reptiles died on sand due to excessive heat. He sadly thought: "The snakes perished because there are no trees on this barren sandbar. Today, it is snakes; tomorrow it could be human beings." So he started planting trees all alone. 35years later, the Molai forest became home to several wild animals and species of birds, which are near extinction. Why it took 35 years to recognize the efforts and dedication of Jadhav Payeng? Why he is just awarded not supported… Y? Jadhav Payeng quote: “I measure success in terms of greenery I spread till the day I live”.So, solution of all these debate lies in each one of us, like following a new trend of taking selfies… Y not SELF-HI! “It only requires a seed to get started and YOU”.