Rainbow Roses

Режиссёры Petra Stone ( aka Terzi)

Сценаристы Petra Terzi


Жанр Documentary, Human Rights, Refugees, women, disable, immigrants

Продолжительность 00:14:47

Страна Греция


2018, Greece. Many organisations and individuals continue the volunteer efforts to help refugees to be part of Greek urban life and act for a coexistence and harmony in the near future. Dr Mahmud Abdel Rasul, a second generation immigrant from Sudan, dreams that all inhabitants of Greece, of all colors of the rainbow, can embrace each other in Peace.CREATIVE TEAMDirector and Script - Petra TerziInterviewee - Mahmoud Abdel RasulCamera - Petra Terzi and Argyris PapatheodorouTranscription - Aristotelis Terzis AvraamEditing - Danae ManousaridouOriginal Music - Mart Raukas