Режиссёры Welket Bungué

Сценаристы Welket Bungué

Продюсеры André Lourenço, Welket Bungué

Жанр Urban Drama

Продолжительность 00:25:00

Страна Португалия


On the shores of Lisbon, Arriaga, a 25 years old boy from a middle-class family of emigrants walks alone through the silent and wrinkled streets by vices of the nightlife. Arriaga deals with his self-destructive alter ego to be accepted among the youth of his neighborhood. The price to be paid for due respect among the marginal pitchers of the neighborhood may cost Arriaga's life, that dreams of being a martyr on the fringes of society inspired by the legends like Tupac, Notorious BIG, NAS, WU-TANG Clan. Everything happens in one place, everything revolves around a single moment, what is suspicious only the unexpected can unfold.