Sweet discomfort of missed connections

Режиссёры Hussen Ibraheem

Сценаристы Hussen Ibraheem

Продюсеры Hussen Ibraheem, Reine Sleiman, Chrisettle younis, Elisabeth kastner

Жанр Drama, Dark Comedy

Продолжительность 00:15:00

Страна Ливан


Zahi returns to Lebanon to receive the corpse of his father after being kidnapped in the Lebanese civil war for 35 years. When he goes to the hospital to meet the corpse, he discovers that the corpse is lost again, Zahi finds himself stuck between worlds where he cannot relate or communicate while trying to explore the possibility of such a disappearance.An estimation “17000 people were missing and forcibly disappeared in Lebanon. The greater majority of them went missing during the Lebanese war (1975- 1990) at the hands of Lebanese militias, as well as local and foreign armed groupsDisappearances continued to occur even after the war, but on a smaller scale, namely in the context of the presence of the Israeli occupation army and the Syrian army.In Lebanon most of the missing and disappeared are civilians. Many were kidnapped from their homes, from the streets, or at checkpoints controlled by militias or foreign troops”.“Apart from kidnappings, many people are thought to have disappeared as a result of mass killings and the successive rounds of violence”1