Shadow Games

Режиссёры İsmail Eren Yalçın

Сценаристы Seyhan Kılıçarslan

Продюсеры Doğacan Aktaş


Продолжительность 00:11:00

Страна Турция


SYNOPSIS The story takes place in a prisonl in Turkey in 2018. Cüneyt Tanrıverdi, who works as a prison guard in the story, tells about his work in prison.Cüneyt tanrıverdi is a guard who keeps watch at night in prison. In the middle of his life, the warden, who doesn't expect much from life and who doesn't expect much from life, is the biggest entertainment television coming and going home, is a television addicted guard. He deals with prisoners' books that are in penalties with others. The guard has no dependence on the unreal, using his mind trained in the design, where it is done very well. One evening, an angel comes to the prisoner's window with a silhouette of his own mind. The angel who comes to the prisoner's window tells the solution of this bondage by various indicators. It is the mind of the angel-based prisoner that he cannot see. It is the size of the mind icon. The prisoner begins his escape by using his mind. He digs scratch, while the guard occasionally checks out the prison, because the prison guard knows his love of the television without seeing his love, so he considers it to be there, with various shadow plays. This process is overcome, the prisoner performs the liberation of the mind and escapes from the prison.