No man´s Land

Режиссёры Lucas Verdejo Williamson

Сценаристы Lucas Verdejo

Продюсеры Paula Armstrong,, Lucas Verdejo, Ariel Riffo

Жанр Enviromental, Science Fiction, Drama

Продолжительность 00:06:00

Страна Чили


We enter the ancestral habitat of a group of scarecrow farmers, who work hectares of land in the hope of abundant and healthy cultivation. Fate is more terrible than we think, without a dialogue arrives a mysterious man in a suit and tie with a document of earthly expropriation. The scarecrows are enslaved and forced to work automatically in genetically manipulated crops that provide the great transnational empire. During the hard work, one of the scarecrows is decompensated, the leader of the group in a desperate act, feed him the same product collected so that he recovers his strength and thus avoid the ignominy of the exploiter. Suddenly begins an accelerated metamorphosis that turns the scarecrow into another replica of these mysterious humanoids suit and tie. These beings, with their gray eyes, begin to pressure the leader of the scarecrows, the intolerable pressure of a imposed system, forces him to eat the fruit and accept the submission of his transfiguration.