The Cover Up

Режиссёры Alper Eyidoğan

Сценаристы Alper Eyidoğan

Продюсеры Alper Eyidoğan, Doğukan Kasım

Жанр Mystery, Crime, Thriller

Продолжительность 00:07:07

Страна Турция


Unable to bear the weight of her marriage and that of the past, the young women starts losing touch with everyday life. Her spouse, an older man who is perceived to be a control freak, only works in making things harder for her. Further disconnecting herself from reality, the women dives deep into her passion of painting in the aim of creating the work of her life. During the process of her creation, she reaches a decision to transform her life. She finds that putting an end to her marriage is the way to liberation from her responsibilities and traumas. The women, who gets rid of her husband, completes the work of her life, hence destroying all that is of her past, paving the way to a clean page in her life.