The Writer

Режиссёры Logesh V

Сценаристы Logesh V

Продюсеры Logesh V


Продолжительность 00:14:52

Страна Индия


Writer, a 28 year old guy professional writer wakes up to his kitchen making a guy jumps into profound thinking about his recent piece of work. He smokes a cigarette in his room standing naked recollecting his writings. He thinks about a sequence where he has written about the character's incest thoughts. Down into the details he accuses himself of not describing the sense and taste of semen. He feels that he has not been honest to his own taste of description of the semen. So he decides to take an action. He gets into the restroom, masturbates and ejaculates. Looking at the sperm, he recollects his personal counter with a prostitute where he had been in a situation standing on the other side. He feels ashamed of himself and the concern, coming back to reality he starts describing the taste and sense of it.