Ghanta (Friggin')

Режиссёры Parlav Chaudhary

Сценаристы Ashter Syed

Продюсеры Ashter Syed


Продолжительность 00:03:35

Страна Индия


Safety. What exactly is safety? Often people are heardusing this word in conversations but do they reallyunderstand what it means. How safe are we? Are we onlygoing to be safe by telling other people what to do andwhat not to do? It almost feels like we are at the mercyof other people. When are we going to hold ourselvesresponsible for our own safety. It is seen that the timeswe are living in everybody exclaims that they areextremely dangerous. Even the slightest movement bysomebody can be posed or insinuated as a security threat.As fellow beings we all know how the other person shouldbe leading his or her life even for that matter we don'thesitate to comment on their personal code of conduct, butwe forget in the meantime is our own code of conduct whichcan apply to various things in day to day life is our ownresponsibility. It is our own action for which we areresponsible.The following film depicts the same keeping the humorousquotient on the front accentuating the recall value at thesame time also thought provoking. Drinking under theinfluence of alcohol is something that we all feel can'thappen to us and we are strong enough to handle it. Thislack of personal discipline has costed many lives at analarming rate. How simple is it for us to understand thatone should not be drinking and driving. But yet the worldsees the same mistake repeated again and again on a dailybasis.As simple the idea is the treatment of the film is handledwith equal simplicity. The film will be shot in a singletake, highlighting the colloquial talks or jingoing afterone's drunk in an attempt to keep it as realistic.The issue of drinking and driving is handled symbolicallywithout showing any blood, or gore etc.