Snow Babel

Режиссёры Rossella De Venuto

Сценаристы Rossella De Venuto

Продюсеры Maurizio Antonini, Interlinea


Продолжительность 00:09:00

Страна Италия


In the middle of a dinner, words run fast from one point to another of the table. A serious and at the same time frivolous chatter made up of anecdotes, references, and assonances. Twelve women are gathered to commemorate a thirteenth, who no longer exists, but it is still there with them. They are women of different eras and different ages. Different in appearance, they share a language, a feeling and a mysterious intimacy. A black thread runs through their speeches. It is death, which in a serious, or irreverent, playful or threatening way makes sense to the things of life. It will be the arrival of a young waiter to reveal us that things are not as they seem, and women are not where they seem to be. And to show us what our women don't know they don’t know.