Music in the Lung

Режиссеры Xindan Zhang

Сценаристы Xindan Zhang

Продюсеры Xindan Zhang, Teddy Farkas, Zane Krampert

Жанр Drama, horror, fantasy, Thriller, Experimental

Продолжительность 00:30:00

Страна Китай


Damien goes back home and runs into the strange neighbour Daisy who takes care of his sick mother. Mother tries to convince Damien to stay home for good but Damien wants to keep his independence. As their conflicts grow unsolvable, a lady inside the kettle appears in Damien's dream and inspires him to discover the"music in the lung".達米安回家探望母親, 遇到陌生鄰居黛西在照顧生病的母親。難以捉摸的病情和不明來歷的藥另達米安開始懷疑母親召喚自己回家的動機, 而達米安的疏離和心懷秘密也另母親更想把他留在身邊, 正當達米安不知如何是好, 一個住在水壺裡的女人試圖拯救他。