Режиссёры Lilith Klaus

Сценаристы Lilith Klaus

Продюсеры Lilith Klaus


Продолжительность 00:12:45

Страна Германия


A girl just happens to walk into a charity gala.She is presented with a spectacle of the double standards of White Western bourgeoisie.The idea:I came to the basic idea of the story because I have dealt a lot with the issues of social identity and my own place in this system. Especially with the contradiction between our western lifestyle and the often hypocritical do-good attitude, and our own entanglements in sexism and racism, which we try to get rid of, but which at the same time seem to be more deeply rooted in us than we would initially claim, because they are part of the system from which we benefit.The charity gala itself is meant to symbolize in an abstract, surreal and exaggerated way the hypocrisy of a society of system profiting people.Most of the characters here are controversial and it was important for me to reflect observations and experiences from my own environment in the scenes.