Fallen Curler

Режиссёры Sergey Roy, Alexandr Gushin

Сценаристы Sergey Roy

Продюсеры Sergey Roy, Friedrich Konstantin


Продолжительность 00:24:08

Страна Россия


This is one day in the life of the former captain of the Russian Olympic curling team. This is not just one of the days, but that exact day when the hero reached a critical limit, fallen to the bottom of the life. At this point, he just gets up and starts walking towards to an obscurity . Led by some higher forces, he moves to the arena, where the first time played in curling. This sometimes senseless movement, becomes a metaphor, - a journey through his whole life, in order to finally faced with his past, his fears and make a choice, - to disappear forever or return to normal life.