Wind Wheels

Режиссёры Li Jen HUANG

Сценаристы Li Jen HUANG

Продюсеры Li Jen HUANG


Продолжительность 00:13:34



A small village, close to the Pacific Ocean, is a forgotten land of transportation. Residents need to rely on buses with only two shifts a day to the town for medical treatment or other stuff.Tshun, a mid-age man who just moved here recently, owns a stall by the seaside and lives a leisurely and lazy life.On the way to refill his stall, Tshun gives A-Ho, an old lady who is waiting for the bus, a ride to Hing-Tshun. A half day's drive back and forth, a woman facing a hard time, a small fan blowing the cool breeze, these people and those things, makes a small ripple in Tshun's mind.After returning to his stall, Tshun decides to clean up his van and spontaneously to provide free rides for people in need.